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Savings Calculator

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You can save money on electricity with the plan from Champion Energy.

The price and savings comparison is based on the averages of current Champion Energy rates and the current charges and usage you provided above. It does not reflect any future changes in your rate or usage. The Champion Energy rate offered is available as of the time of this analysis at www.championenergyservices.com; rates are subject to change without notice. You can obtain important standardized information that will allow you to compare this product with other offers. Contact Champion Energy at 877.653.5090 or www.championenergyservices.com. We'll be happy to help with any questions about how to identify the charges and usage on your bill, the savings calculation, or availability of rates and plans. Offers should not be construed as a guarantee of savings or of a future rate beyond the offered rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zip Code

We use your zip code to identify your Electricity Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU). The TDU is the company that maintains the poles and wires in your area. This is the company that is responsible for making sure the electricity reaches your home and reads your meter each month.

Total Usage This Month

We use this number in conjunction with the total Electricity Supply Services charges to determine your billing rate per kWh. If it isn’t explicitly written on your bill, then you can subtract your "Previous" meter reading from your “Present” meter reading to calculate your total usage in kWh for this month.

Total Current Charges

Located on your electricity bill you will find a line item "Total Current Charges". This total amount calculates your Energy Charge, Base Charge, TDU charges and Taxes. This value does not include adjustments.

Promotional Code

Some promotional codes offer a special, preferred rate which will be reflected in the savings calculations below.

Average Price per Kilowatt Hour

You don't need your average price per kilowatt hour to use the Look At Your Bill tool, but it's helpful to know. The Public Utility Commission requires that the "average price you paid for electric service this month" be listed on your Texas electricity bill.